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The Sussex holiday cottage blog » A Merry Christmas and checking the oven size!

A Merry Christmas and checking the oven size!

Posted 22 December 2009 by Andrew Gardner google authorship button

As we enter our first Christmas and see our first year out with a flourish of enquiries, we take the opportunity of passing on Christmas Greetings and our best wishes for the New Year.

Our activity has built consistently through the last six weeks right up to Christmas when historically one would expect the market to quieten. We look forward to the New Year where we are confident that the activity we are seeing will continue to build especially as the public focus returns to the planning of holidays over the winter months.  

Our own focus on service will of course continue. This year we sorted the issue about cooking the turkey! Our client looking at a charming cottage had her priorities set firmly on the size of the oven. So we asked the owner. "Will it handle a turkey sufficiently large enough to feed her party on Christmas Day?"  

"Don't worry we'll be doing the same in our house next door, she can always come over to us if she needs any help" came the reply!!

A happy client who hopefully will now also enjoy the wonderful walking opportunities that surround this cottage for that traditional post Christmas stroll!

Have a great Christmas.