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A Town for all Tastes!

Posted 29 August 2012 by Andrew Gardner google authorship button

The seafront Bognor Regis

The other weekend we took some friends to Bognor Regis, because they'd never been there and felt it was 'one of those places you ought to see'. They weren't sure why, except that it's one of those famous Sussex seaside resorts, possibly the enticing mixture of its royally-decreed name and what is perceived a slightly tacky reputation. For one of them the fact that there's a good model shop in the town was good reason, but anyway, they wanted to see it for themselves. 

Bognor Regis has a good beach. It's pebbles at the top, and quite a steep slope in places, but that makes for a clean place to put your gear down. When the tide goes out there's plenty of sand and as we walked the length of the beach, starting near the tranquil sailing club, we passed several very good sandcastles, a few games of football and volleyball (yes, beach volleyball actually on the beach!) and several kites..The sand was firm to walk on and I love the red seaweed. A good breeze was blowing and further along a couple of kitesurfers were having fun; at the other end, away from the few hardy swimmers, the jet skiis were in full zoom. 

There's been a lot of development in Bognor, but there are some really lovely buildings too, with a mixture of modern apartments and interesting older houses and cottages. It's a place that really does cater for all ages, whether you stay on holiday there or just pay a visit. We have a number of nearby holiday cottages in this part of West Sussex just a stone’s throw from the town.

Some people love the funfair on the seaside promenade, others would rather stroll along to the quieter areas - but there was a lovely, lively atmosphere and everyone looked happy. And given how full the car parks were, the town seemed to have absorbed all the people with ease. 

We were also pleased to see how clean it looked. I read recently that after one sunny weekend in August, something like 23 tons of rubbish was collected from the beach at Brighton. So when you come to enjoy our lovely Sussex coast, please remember not to leave anything behind except your footprints!