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The Sussex Cottage Holiday Blog - Autumn colour in Sussex

Autumn colour in Sussex

Posted 12 October 2015 by Andrew Gardner

Autumn at Sheffield Park Garden, East Sussex

One of Sussex's must-sees for autumn colour is Sheffield Park. Its famous tree-scape should be at its best about now, which does mean it gets busy, but it's well worth a visit. But the whole of the High Weald really shines at this time of year, so you really can choose your spot and enjoy it however you want to. Visitor attractions such as Sheffield Park or a ride on the nearby Bluebell Railway- which gives you fantastic views of the turning trees - or just stopping at one of the Ashdown Forest car parks for a picnic and a stroll, are highly accessible and don't have to involve too much walking, so they're ideal for all age-groups.

For those who like to walk, it's easy to take in the varied coast and countryside of Sussex in one stretch - a circuit inland starting and finishing at Beachy Head, for instance, taking in the iconic cliffs and stunning tracts of deciduous woodland. If you choose to walk up on the Downs, I'd recommend areas like Findon or Bignor Hill at this time of year, as you'll pass through some wooded areas and get a terrific view of the woods below. That said, autumn colour isn't the only reason to walk even now, and October often brings gorgeous clear, crisp air that makes the high points or the beaches of Sussex breathtakingly beautiful.

Another of my favourite autumn look-outs is on the North Downs, an easy drive or train journey from West Sussex. Park up at Polesden Lacey (especially if you don't plan to walk too much) with the option of strolling round its farmland or further out towards Ranmore, with views of Box Hill - or do it the other way round, by parking at Box Hill visitor centre. This is a terrific viewpoint and there's a selection of walks you can do, though the one that gives the best views involves the steepest hill. And if you're staying in one of our West Sussex holiday properties - click here to view - you're likely to be within a short drive of the lovely Winkworth Arboretum, near Godalming. It's all glorious, so I do hope you enjoy it.

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