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Dogs on holiday in Sussex

Posted 18 August 2014 by Andrew Gardner

Dog on West Wittering beach, West Sussex

Bringing your dog on holiday? If you're staying in one of our dog-friendly cottages, Sussex has a choice of beaches where pooch can join in the fun. Goring, Shoreham and East Wittering have few if any restrictions; West Wittering and Littlehampton are among those with limited access over the summer months - look out for dog-free zones or time restrictions. Bracklesham Bay and Worthing's main beach don't allow dogs at all, while Bognor and Worthing's East Pier beach say no from April to September. You can find info about other Sussex beaches easily on the internet.

I hope this will help not just dog owners on holiday, but also those who prefer to avoid dogs on beaches - we aim to please you all! I love watching dogs play in the sea, but also know what it's like when you have small children to supervise.

Friends who used to live at Selsey tell a lovely tale of their water-loving but deaf Labrador swimming happily out to sea without a care in the world. When other people on the beach expressed concern, they had to explain that he often did this. One chilly day, however, he simply wouldn't come back in so our friend, who's a qualified life-saver, waded in fully dressed and swam out to rescue him. Of course the dog decided this was a great game and played hard to get before eventually returning on his own. One cold, unimpressed owner returned in his wake and had to walk home wet and freezing. This is the same dog that once trotted over a cliff and sparked massive concern, only to be found sitting on the sand below wondering what all the fuss was about. Please don't try that yourselves!

Several Sussex beaches also allow horses in the evenings. Even if you're not riding it can be lovely just watching them enjoy an evening out doing something different - animals love a holiday as much as we do. Click here to view our lovely coastal cottages where could have a grandstand view.

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