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Everyone can come to Sussex!

Posted 13 April 2015 by Andrew Gardner

South Downs Way, Sussex

Prince Harry recently launched the 2015 Walking with the Wounded Trek and announced that he would be taking part in some of it. Details don't seem to be available as I write, but wouldn't it be great if the intrepid prince were to walk the Sussex coast? Could we entice him with the promise that it's easier than going to the North Pole, or the South Pole for that matter? Probably quite a lot warmer, definitely much greener and undoubtedly more hospitable? Perhaps not so much of a challenge, but I can still heartily recommend the South Downs Way to take him all the way from Eastbourne to Winchester via some of the most gorgeous scenery this country has to offer. We could even offer them some lovely accommodation en route...

Talking of famous people in Sussex, or near it anyway, another little attraction a stone's throw from our West Sussex holiday cottages (click here to view) is Dunsfold Aerodrome, where Top Gear is filmed. Or at least, currently isn't filmed since at the time of writing it's been suspended due to the departure of a presenter named Clarkson - you know the one. So if any of our guests were booked in for a filming session my commiserations to you, and I hope we can make you so welcome that you forget what you missed. Dunsfold offers supercar experiences and an aerodrome - anyone arriving by private plane? - and the lovely Surrey Hills and Sussex countryside nearby offer plenty of outdoor activities, with or without adrenalin.

I'm thinking that mountain bike hire or a gliding lesson might be a pretty good substitute, with great opportunities on the South Downs and surrounding areas. There are also some great opportunities for horse riding, on the downs, in the woods or even on the beaches - the latter often in the evenings or off-season, when it's quieter and you can really enjoy the space. If you're just taking an evening stroll on the beach, watching the horses having a canter on the sand is really quite cathartic in itself. Whatever you choose to do when you stay in our lovely Sussex cottages, I wish you happy holidays.

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