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Fish and dogs

Posted 8 November 2013 by Jacqui Maxted

Dog friendly holidays in Sussex

Don't you love it when the long-range weather forecasters start casting their die for what the winter will be like? Last year, as I recall, someone learned predicted a few months of cold weather, some of it wet and much of it unsettled... hello, it's called winter. The gloom-mongers are calling a severe, cold one for 2013-14 but then again, in September one agency was talking about a cold, dry October and look what happened there. Then of course we had the not-quite-great storm at the end of last month, predicted like nothing else thanks to that much-documented gaffe by Michael Fish - who comes originally from Eastbourne, by the way - way back in 1987.

Now I didn't set out to do that oh-so-British thing and talk about the weather, although obviously I'd love for you all to have wonderful weather for your holidays in Sussex. In fact I'd just heard Keane on the radio, a band whose members hail from Battle, and was wondering if any other famous rock musicians hailed from our county. The drummer from Bush (no, me neither, though I do remember 'Nob' Goodridge in a band called Boxing Clever some years earlier) came from Horsham, West Sussex - a town, incidentally, famed for having the heaviest hail stones ever recorded in the UK fall on it, back in 1958 - and some sources claim Suggs from Madness was born in Hastings and that Leo Sayer began life in Shoreham by Sea. Macca, though obviously not a Sussex man, has a private recording studio near Icklesham East Sussex called Hogg Hill Mill.

At which point my cat jumped onto my keyboard, sending scattering thoughts everywhere as he helpfully called up functions I didn't know existed.

This in turn reminded me that many of our lovely country cottages allow you to bring your dog on holiday. Tick the 'pets welcome' box when you search our website for your ideal holiday house or apartment and you'll be shown the list of dog-friendly deals. From converted mills to modern holiday lodges, we're proud of the fact that the owners of these properties understand why you'd want to bring your dog on holiday and are happy to accommodate you.

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