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Getting the Wind up!

Posted 24 September 2012 by Andrew Gardner

Worthing Birdman, Sussex 2012

This year's Glyndebourne festival, details of which you can read under ‘What’s on in Sussex’ was billed as the first one ever to run on wind power, thanks to a 67-metre turbine that was officially unveiled last January by Sir David Attenborough. It hasn't been the best summer for outdoor events but at least Glyndebourne, which claims it's the first UK arts organisation to generate its own power, could make positive use of some of the poor weather. If you're planning to come back for next year's festival, do check out our superb selection of East Sussex cottages

Individual attempts to create renewable energy generally seem to be well received, but when they travel in packs and turn into offshore wind farms they usually provoke mixed feelings. Some people think they're beautiful and well worth the cost from an ecological point of view, others see them as an expensive waste of time that cause havoc among birds. A long-running consultation for a proposed wind farm off the Sussex coast closed in August and it will be interesting to see what happens. 

One thing's for sure, though - a brisk wind was welcome at the annual Worthing Birdman festival. This basically involves people taking a leap of faith (though I'm sure it's all calculated down to the last inch, really) in highly imaginative, home made, human-powered flying machines. Last year no one got close to the 100-metre goal, but this time at least three competitors on day one managed to fly more than 70 metres and one managed 86. One man who only decided to enter the day before did his best without any machine at all; after all, they say it's the competitive spirit that counts. 

Day two - the fun day - saw some brilliant costumes, even if one or two did fall apart during the flight - but the reindeer and sleigh made it without mishap. Spectators flocked to the beaches for the spectacle and no doubt enjoyed the sun as well. For your holiday on the Sussex coast, do have a look at our lovely properties - we're sure there'll be one to tempt you.

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