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Ghosts and Ghouls

Posted 23 October 2012 by Andrew Gardner google authorship button


Haloween cat


Spooktacular daytime fun and the Shocktoberfest Scream Park are becoming well-known attractions at Tulleys Farm in Sussex, between Crawley and East Grinstead - you might have seen them on television. One's suitable for little ones, one probably isn't (unless they're exceptionally brave), so do pick the right one. Drusilla's Park, near Alfriston, is another easily accessible place with plenty of spooky Sussex half-term happenings. Borde Hill Gardens has a ghost trail, a bubbling witch's cauldron and face-painting sessions, while Amberley Working Museum and the Wildlife and Wetlands Trust at Arundel are also getting in on the act..

We've become a bit disappointed in the trick-or-treaters in recent years. Small polite children in home-made costumes knocking on the door - if they make a big effort to show their scariest, most fearsome face they might well get a treat for their effort. But we're not so sure about anyone, especially older kids in identikit shop-bought costumes! Bring back originality, and please don't knock at anyone's door unless it's clear that you're welcome. We wish you plenty of Hallowe'en fun!