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Glorious South Downs

Posted 30 June 2011 by Andrew Gardner google authorship button

Two journalists from Country Life Magazine have this week written about their experiences walking the South Downs Way, describing it as "one of England's epic walks"

Here are the opening paragraphs of their piece that I felt were worth sharing since they beautifully portray the wonderful chalk downland we enjoy here in Sussex and East Hampshire. The South Downs of course is England's very latest National Park.

" The South Downs stand like a line of gigantic beached whales guarding the southern foreshore of England. Rounded and rolling they merge into each other to create a series of graceful forms - green hills of vast banks of chalk threaded with seams of flint, which now and then are exposed to reveal the pure white dash of a track, flint mine or quarry.

Among the great joys of this landscape are its hidden combes and bournes or 'bottoms', glorious beech hangers and clumps of ancient yews.

Modest in height, yet possessing an undeniable grandeur, the Downs can be bleak, yet when even the prevailing wind blows sudden winds across their summits, they are never forbidding. Scored by river valleys - the north/south trading routes - the Downs were never a frontier but a pastoral range and crossing place, their easy gradients, dry tracks and firm grasslands making them a natural highway for Man and his herds"

The complete article on the 100 mile South Downs Way along with other interesting articles on and around the South Downs can be found in the latest edition of Country Life Magazine dated 29 June 2011.