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Hastings not Fiji!

Posted 5 August 2013 by Andrew Gardner

The beach at Hastings

I love the notion of Hastings standing in as a film location for Fiji. Apparently the underwater scenes for the new and much-publicised Status Quo film, Bula Quo, were filmed at the Blue Reef Aquarium in the Sussex town. I guess they couldn't quite carry it off above the water; much as we love Hastings we have to agree even our glorious Sussex coastline doesn’t quite match the golden sands of a Pacific paradise island. Hastings is not Fiji, but it provides some brilliant days out and the aquarium alone is a must-see. we have two great holiday properties in the town and another eight within a 15 minute drive.

Birling Gap, East Sussex

Another piece of water that's once-more accessible is the beach at Birling Gap now the steps have been moved back to compensate for cliff erosion. This famous Sussex beauty spot with its distinctive chalk habitats is always a pleasure to visit, whether you've walked along the cliff path to reach it or just driven in for a look and a lunch at the pub. The views are tremendous and the atmosphere incomparable.

Which brings me back to music. An old friend of mine who was once in a local band (Sussex has a thriving music scene, by the way) used to go to Birling Gap for inspiration in writing what he hoped were moody, meaningful lyrics. Not very successfully I'm afraid, and the band didn't achieve fame or fortune although they did achieve local notoriety and quite a strong following - the nearest to fame they could truly claim is that the brother of one band member went on to play in '90s grunge band Bush. The band my friend was in just played in and around Sussex, mainly Horsham, Worthing and a makeshift festival in a quarry near Fittleworth that didn't attract too many spectators - not quite Glastonbury.

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