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The Sussex Cottage Holiday Blog - Hot tub ahoy in East Sussex!

Hot tub ahoy in East Sussex!

Posted 3 July 2015 by Andrew Gardner

The Poolhouse, Petworth, West Sussex

Recent news reports of a hot tub last seen floating off Beachy Head were irresistible, were they not? You'll be expecting me to have a good canter with this one and we aim to please, after all. But honestly, you couldn't invent this: the Newhaven Lifeboat was called out to attend a hot tub drifting in the sea. What they found was more debris than luxury and the houseboat it had fallen off was under tow rather than happily sailing round the Sussex coast, but it still led to a shipping alert in the Channel and a jolly good chortle here at Amberley House Cottages.

It just goes to show that a luxury holiday home with a swimming pool would be much safer and a good deal easier to get in and out of (click here to view our selection); though if you like your bubbles with an added frisson of danger rather than a nice glass of Sussex sparkling wine... well, there's always one. Don't try this at home, peeps!

Meanwhile on the subject of water and danger, hurrah, an early warning from the local water company appeared the other day. But it wasn't the usual 'prepare for a hosepipe ban because it's been dry all week'; it just highlighted that when the weather's hot, be wary of cooling off in a reservoir. Reservoirs look so tempting for a dip, especially if you've been walking all day, but they can be freezing cold, with strong currents and uneven depths, so please think twice and heed the warning signs before jumping in.

But water can be enjoyed, and I've just returned from a lovely stroll between Partridge Green and West Grinstead along the banks of the Adur. Tall reeds, flag irises and golden water lilies abound along this beautiful section of the river. In some fields hay had just been cut; we met only a small herd of steers standing in the shade of a small copse and a couple of horses that looked up curiously and carried on with the more important business of grazing. Returning via the Downs Link, we noticed the passing cyclists all seemed very cheerful. Was it the sunny day or the influence of a nearby cycle-friendly pub? Go try it!

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