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Large Holiday Homes make a Great Group Getaway

Posted 15 May 2014 by Jacqui Maxted

Large Holiday Home in Sussex
As our family and those of our friends have grown, it has become increasingly difficult to get everyone together. Be it for Christmas, New Year, a special birthday / anniversary or simply a few days together to catch up, it seems impossible to get everyone in one place. 
And if, like me, your family and friends are scattered across the country or even the world, the ‘garden party’ or catch-up in a local restaurant or park isn’t going to work. You can’t expect people to travel to see you when there is not enough room for people to stay, unless someone has an enormous home to accommodate them all in.
This is the where the big celebration house has come into its own for me and my loved ones; renting a large holiday home, often in Sussex, has meant that we can spend some quality time with people we don’t see that often;  siblings and their families, old university friends or people who used to live closer to us.
And renting somewhere that is specifically set-up for large group holidays means that we know that all the facilities are also going to cater for our group. Things like enough cutlery, the right amount of seats at the dining table or enough toilets can all make the difference to how much relaxing and socialising can be done (and how much is spent dashing round trying to find an extra spoon or a free toilet for a child who’s just announced ‘they can’t wait!’).
The other good thing that we’ve found about this type of holiday is that you don’t have to travel miles from home. There is a benefit to getting a house near where we or at least some of our party live - someone already knows the area and can plan days out and things like finding out where the nearest supermarket, or beach, or pub showing that crucial match doesn’t take any effort.
So for a relaxing group get-together my tip is to find a big holiday home and spend some real quality time together. Take a look at the large celebration homes we have to rent for big groups in Sussex.

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