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The Sussex Cottage Holiday Blog - Make like Andy and visit Worthing, West Sussex

Make like Andy and visit Worthing, West Sussex

Posted 8 January 2016 by Andrew Gardner

Worthing beach, West Sussex

Worthing made it into the national news before Christmas thanks to the BBC Sports Personality of the Year event, when Andy Murray jokingly referred in his speech to a newspaper article that had described him as "duller than a weekend in Worthing", which seems pretty hard on both of them.

I can't speak for Andy as I've never met him, though he comes across as a nice chap, but I can speak for Worthing, which is a place I like very much. As a child I often stayed with, well ok, yes, my grandparents, who lived there - but also with friends of my own age, who lived five minutes' walk from the beach via the Marine Gardens, and what more could a bunch of children ask for? I well remember the man who used to swim every day then stand on his head on the pebbles, though I've never felt moved to emulate him.

As town crier (yes, Worthing even has a town crier!) Bob Smytherman said last month, “I would gladly welcome Andy Murray to Worthing to show him and his family what a great place Worthing is to live, work and visit and would be delighted to offer a guided tour including playing tennis at West Worthing Tennis Club followed by fish and chips on the seafront.”

It's a good thing Andy commented that although he hadn't yet visited Worthing, perhaps he should, because he's also been invited by the organiser of Worthing Birdman to take part in that daredevil day - now that would surely be a crowd-pleaser.

One local councillor told the Argus newspaper: “You have the beach, the theatres, the bars, the microbreweries - it is just a cool place.” Which pretty much sums it up. The beach is pebbles, which might not be so traditionally comfortable to lie on but does mean you don't get sand everywhere - and if it's sand you're after, just head further along to places like Ferring and Littlehampton. I love the beach cafes where you can sit and watch kite-surfers and windsurfers (that's if you're not taking part yourself), or sitting on the beach with good old-fashioned fish'n'chips; there's also a rather nice contemporary seafood restaurant.

So make like Andy and visit Worthing this year - and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our Sussex coast cottages - click here to browse our selection.

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