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My Eastbourne Holiday Homes

Posted 19 December 2014 by

Keesha House Apartment, Eastbourne, East Sussex

Angela Shadbolt, Eastbourne holiday homeowner

Being the owner of four successful holiday apartments (The Keesha House, Devonshire, Duchess and Duke’s apartments) in the heart of Eastbourne keeps me busy all year long

I started off with the Keesha House Apartment as an experiment by changing use (to FHL) by completely furnishing in a stylish way; I sourced and painted second hand furniture to match beautifully and enjoyed every moment of setting up. By adding my own sense of style, I created my first holiday let and then went on to create three more once tenants had vacated my other apartments.

Secondly, I found good agents with whom I could work in a way that suited us all, I was given very valuable advice on the best way to go forward. People ask, why use an agent when you can advertise yourself and pocket all the money?  I beg to disagree, a good agent will save a fortune in the long run, they have a foot in many doors and can bring guests from all over the world that may not have been reached without all their expertise and advertising. They are there to handle all admin, payments and any problems that may arise if required with deposit claims. You will get damaged at some point, be it large or small a good agent will ensure that your needs are met by acting on your behalf.

Setting up comfortable, clean, well maintained surroundings are essential to your income possibilities; it’s not worth cutting corners if you wish to run a successful business; it only takes one or two negative comments nowadays to put guests off from choosing your property over someone else’s.  Take time to think about all the little extras that will help your guest to enjoy their stay and feel at home; there’s nothing worse when travelling, than being reminded of all the things you could or should have packed!  A good holiday should be as stress free as possible, which is why I go that extra mile to create a ‘Home from Home’ experience, a comment that’s repeatedly written in the Guest books throughout the apartments along with thanks for their Welcome Pack of goodies which I provide for their arrival.

I always ensure when I’m away myself I find a willing helper, someone who reflects my standards in maintaining everything and especially welcoming and greeting guests when they arrive and taking the time to show them around and ensure they have all knowledge of how to work the essentials appliances, heating and TV’s; a check list helps, along with any possible telephone numbers in the case of emergency breakdowns. All in all a happy guest will return and recommend you to all their friends, need I say more?

If I had the opportunity to have done things differently, I would have probably taken the plunge to go in to holiday lettings sooner, the potential to earn is greater than renting out on short hold tenancies and more rewarding as a profession by meeting so many lovely people. If asked, I would say, the benefits of holiday letting, far out weigh the reasons for not giving it a go.

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