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Rye on the 'Mapp'

Posted 30 January 2015 by Andrew Gardner

Cobbled streets in Rye, East Sussex

Did you watch Mapp and Lucia on TV? If you did, I can imagine you might be intrigued to take a look round the picturesque little town of Rye, which stands in for the fictional town of Tilling. Well, we can help you - click here to view plenty of self-catering holiday accommodation to offer in and around Rye.

This quirky series is not only set in Rye, where its author EF Benson lived, but was actually filmed there last summer, so if you were staying there at the time you might have seen it happen. I should think actors in period costume would have looked so much at home there you'd hardly have batted an eyelid had you passed them in the street.

There can't be many English towns that so brilliantly fit the bill as a ready-made studio set, but quaint Rye has it all, from cobbled streets lined with pretty old shops and houses to stately grandeur and a castle. One or two alterations were necessary - I gather Lamb House acquired a temporary conservatory to make it true to the text, for example, as the original garden room designed by former occupant Henry James had been hit by a World War II bomb. (Apparently no one was hurt but EF Benson's wine collection suffered badly.) Then for good measure there's the harbour and sea views. You feel you could shut your eyes and open them in almost any other age as there's history oozing from every nook and cranny.

Then, if you're staying in the town, you'll surely want some day trips to the surrounding areas such as Hastings, Battle and Camber Sands, where the seaside scenes for Mapp and Lucia were filmed. In the series they used Tenterden station as a substitute to film the king arriving by steam train, but if you're planning to arrive by train for your holiday or weekend break, rest assured that Rye does have its own station!

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