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Save the Stripes!

Posted 25 November 2011 by Andrew Gardner

Beachy Head Lighthouse, Sussex

The Beachy Head Lighthouse at the foot of the chalk downs at Beachy Head in East Sussex is one of the most famous landmarks in England and attracts thousands of holiday makers to this wonderful spot at the far end of the South Downs every year.

Sadly the iconic structure is set to lose its distinctive red and white stripes as Trinity House, the owners of the Lighthouse can no longer justify spending money on maintaining the paintwork and it will be left to return to its natural grey granite.

There is however a new campaign to help save the stripes of the lighthouse which hopes to raise enough funds to employ a specialist contractor to carry out the work. The Beachy Head Lighthouse was due to be painted in the next two years and the target is to raise the necessary funds which are approximately £30,000 before then with Crown Paints supplying the paints. There has been good support so far from the World Lighthouse Society and the Association of Lighthouse Keepers.

We wish them well with their campaign, it would be unthinkable to consider this most famous lighthouse without its red and white stripes especially as it is always so popular with our guests taking a holiday break in our Sussex cottages. .  

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