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Service without other Responsibilities

Posted 2 January 2010 by Andrew Gardner google authorship button

I was asked by a second homeowner prior to Christmas whether our business focus was exclusively on the marketing of holiday lets. It seemed an unusual question to ask given that is what we do.

He had thought that as we work in conjunction with Guy Leonard and Company Estate Agents there must be an overlap of duties between the marketing of holiday lets into the tourism industry and the selling of houses within the area. He assumed we had to be actively involved with both and might not therefore be completely focussed on the marketing he wanted us to undertake. I am aware that this is often the case where estate agents offer holiday letting as an add on service to their mainstream business.

Since one person made this assumption of us I felt it important to confirm that we are a totally independent business and are not distracted by selling houses. We do work closely with Guy Leonard and Company and in particular we benefit from the input they give us by providing access to their marketing resource that helps us to effectively and successfully market the properties we list. Our own focus though remains 100% towards the marketing of Amberley House Cottage Holidays and the owners we work for.  As director I have no duties outside Amberley House Cottage Holidays and neither do my staff.  

This means our time is used solely to promote the properties we list and offer our clients a dedicated service. This I hope you agree is part evidenced through the detail and depth of information we provide on our website and the extensive use of photographs that help us promote tourism in Sussex and along the South Downs.