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Sussex - Spiritual home of Banoffee Pie

Posted 3 August 2015 by Andrew Gardner

Banoffee Pie - originated from Jevington, East Sussex

Banoffi pie was invented in Sussex - who knew that? It's always sounded to me like something from over the pond, sort of in the vein of Mississippi mud pie. I'm not usually one to scan the obits in newspapers, but I happened to notice the recent headline concerning a gentleman called Nigel Mackenzie, or rather, the late Nigel Mackenzie, who in 1968 bought a former tea-room in Jevington, East Sussex, and converted it into a restaurant.

Looking for something different to put on the menu, he and his head chef experimented with pudding recipes until they hit on the magic formula and somehow knew they were onto a winner. Banoffi pie - that must be the original spelling, because 'Banoffee' looks more familiar - became so successful that they could never take it off the menu and customers would phone ahead from London to make sure it was available. Isn't it amazing how condensed milk and bananas can take over the world - and all without even appearing on a TV talent show?

Meanwhile, it's great to have official confirmation that Sussex seaside towns are playing a big part in a major UK holiday revival. So this is officially a great place for a holiday - but we don't need to tell you that, do we?! Tourism figures are booming for coastal resorts such as Eastbourne - statistically, they say it's because we're all looking for cheaper holidays and resorts are being spruced up; but I'd like to think it's as much down to repeat visits and people being unable to resist the allure of Sussex coast holidays - click here to view our coastal cottages. If you've stayed in one of our gorgeous holiday cottages you'll know why we at Amberley House Cottage Holidays love this little part of the world so much - and if you haven't, do have a look at our website and see if we can tempt you.

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