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Sussex seagulls

Posted 28 April 2014 by Andrew Gardner google authorship button

Seagull at Brighton pier

Please stop feeding the seagulls. That's the message from one fed-up Eastbourne resident who's been dive-bombed by scrounging gulls too often! 

The sight and sound of seagulls swirling and calling above the coastline is something we've all known and loved on holiday. At a pleasant distance, gulls are part of the lovely coastal scenery and seaside sounds; but up close and personal they're not so sweet.

Feeding wild birds is not against any law, but the local council has urged everyone - residents and visitors alike - to act responsibly. If you're staying in one of our Sussex coastal cottages or seaside apartments you'll probably be asked to make sure any rubbish you put out is properly shut inside the bins to deter scavenging birds. Mind you, not feeding gulls isn't always so easy, as anyone who's tried to eat pie and chips on a beach where they hang out in numbers can probably attest. (Hot, fresh doughnuts from the kiosk by Brighton pier on a chilly Saturday evening... yummy memories!).  Click here to view our selection of Sussex coast cottages.

The RSPB point out that it's about common sense and people learning to live alongside wildlife - but I loved the turn of phrase as quoted in a BBC news article: 'I've seen gulls land on people who were basically holding sandwiches or pasties in the air and it's literally a red rag to a gull.'

Meanwhile over in Brighton, a man got stuck behind his wardrobe while trying to move it and had to call the fire brigade for rescue. No, nothing to do with seagulls, it just made me laugh. Good thing he had his mobile handy.