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The Sussex Cottage Holiday Blog - The South Downs National Park, a success story!

The South Downs National Park, a success story!

Posted 9 May 2013 by Andrew Gardner

The South Downs National Park

A survey revealed last month that the South Downs National Park generated £464m a year in visitor spending. I'm not quite sure how they can say 'each year' at such an early stage - this is, after all, Britain's newest national park, having only become fully operational two years ago - but it's welcome news none the less. The study also found that visitor spending supported more than 8,000 local jobs, and that more accommodation was needed - all the more reason to book early with us to avoid disappointment. After all, we have plenty of gorgeous South Downs holiday properties to tempt you, from luxury houses to idyllic country cottages and farm stays. The South Downs National Park is now the third most visited so don’t hang around!

There's also a move afoot to turn areas of the South Downs into a dark sky reserve, which would mean lighting restrictions coming into force to protect views of the night sky. Park rangers are working with astronomers to identify areas - most likely small pockets - where this could work, taking into account areas of population density (that's towns and villages to you and me) where it clearly wouldn't be possible or where lighting would need to be adapted. This, though, could be why protecting small areas of night sky is even more important!.

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