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The Wings of a Dove!

Posted 15 November 2011 by Andrew Gardner

Chichester Cathedral, West Sussex

The magnificent Chichester Cathedral attracts many visitors to Sussex in its own right, many enjoying short cottage breaks in this wonderful city. However from now until January 2012 Chichester Cathedral's North Transept is transformed by a 25ft pair of dove wings suspended from the ceiling. The wings are the size a human would need in order to fly and are the creation of Carrie Ferrig who completed a residency at the Cathedral and West Dean College that is also home to the beautiful and inspirational West Dean Gardens just two miles north of the city.

The sculpture is made in glass with approximately 300 feathers. Each feather is made of borosilicate glass and sandblasted on one side making it appear white and ensuring it both catches and transmits light. The wings are suspended from a metal frame hanging from the ceiling of the North Transept 61 feet above the ground.  From the shear scale of the piece you are just compelled to look up.

This American artist started the project two years ago although then had no idea where her piece would go. Why the Cathedral? Well Chichester is justifiably famous for its patronage of contemporary art, thanks to the legacy of its former Dean Walter Hussey. What is the spiritual context? Well wings are reminiscent of angels especially at this time of year!

See the sculpture up to 17 January 2012, entry is free.

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