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Two sides of Sussex

Posted 28 September 2015 by Andrew Gardner

Hove seafront, East Sussex

Biggest World Cup upset in Brighton! Who'd have thought it - not that Brighton stadium hosted a rugby World Cup match; we expected no less of our local metropolis - but that said match was the one where Japan's 'Cherry Blossoms' beat the Springboks. 'Nuff said. But what a) didn't surprise me, and b) made me proud to come from Sussex, were the pictures of Boks and local supporters cheering the Japan team as they left on their bus and the generally lovely atmosphere as they poured out of the stadium and (mostly) onto trains. Indeed, Japan's no.8 payed tribute to the support they'd received from the Brighton crowd.

Staying with Brighton (and Hove) for a moment, I couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry when I heard that the much-vaunted i360 tower will not have a wind turbine on top after all, because... brace yourself... it would be susceptible to wind damage. You have to laugh, really. It's still a fabulous place for a holiday or short break that mixes city and sea, nightlife and chilling, with plenty of options for excursions into the surrounding countryside - or vice versa, since we can offer you a great choice of accommodation in or out of town. And if you'd like to book ahead for next year's Brighton Festival, do click here to check out our website now.

For a totally different seaside holiday, Bognor has its own charms and the seafront is likely to undergo some modernisation, although there's been a mixed response to the plans so far. Definitely one to watch this space, as it's a fun place with a unique and very English-seaside atmosphere.

At this time of year, though you might well get lucky with some beautiful autumn beach walks, on the whole the colours inland will be a highlight - walk the High Weald, or take in stunning views from atop the South Downs. For a winter break it would be hard to beat a quaint, fascinating town like Rye, nestled just inland with its winding streets protected from the elements. How about a leisurely cycle along local trails or a full-on blast of mountain biking on the downs, then back to your cosy holiday cottage?  Click here to view our full selection of holiday cottages.

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