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What's your Tipple?

Posted 9 October 2012 by Andrew Gardner google authorship button

The Royal Oak, Horsham

At this time of year your thoughts have probably changed from the outdoor element of a holiday to the cosy, comfortable or romantic retreats - and where better than a nice Sussex pub? We've got our share of local breweries and a great choice of beers, and many pubs specialise in serving local produce with original recipes. Sussex has everything from gastropubs to gourmet pubs to pubs that serve really good, traditional grub with walker-sized portions, outside in the lovely garden on a sunny autumn day or inside by a warm hearth. Pubs you can hike to, ride to, cycle to or just potter along in the car. Pubs with fabulous Sussex Downs and sea views, or tucked away in picturesque villages. 

One thing most of them have in common is that they've had to diversify and adapt in order to survive - and novelty seems to work well. You'll often find exhibitions of local arts, crafts or photography on display; one has trombones for urinals and some sell local produce as well as serving it. From local venison and lamb to fresh vegetables and rape seed oil, Sussex produce is diverse and delicious. 

Tea shops are great places, too, and aren't they quintessentially English? One of our favourites is right by the river at Houghton Bridge - their ginger treacle tart is the best! It's the perfect stop after a day's walking or a visit to the nearby Amberley Working Museum. 

Picturesque towns like Arundel are very reliable in the lovely-tea-room stakes - you're sure to find somewhere quaint and traditional if that's what you want, but many also have a modern twist, or focus on coffee as well as tea, and feel just as welcoming. Our Sussex towns have all the usual chain coffee shops, but do look out for the truly local, independent ones that make your holiday experience unique.