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Winter contests in Sussex

Posted 6 February 2015 by Andrew Gardner

Beach at Hastings, East Sussex

Sussex seaside towns saw some unusual competitions this winter. Goring hosted none other than the Scalextric World Championships, which I would love to have seen... OK I admit it, the nine-year-old in my head would rather have taken part, never mind sitting on the sidelines. An experience second only to driving round Brand's Hatch, which I have done and loved and so can you, incidentally, since your holiday cottage in Sussex makes it quite easily accessible via the motorway.

But if you like your contests a little more... what shall we say... homely? Christmassy? Soggy, perhaps?... you could have chosen instead to witness the Hastings Spronkers contest, offering a whole new way to use the little green monsters. Basically a skilled contest using sprouts in the conker tradition, it's billed as an International largely because as far as the organisers know it's the only one of its kind, and has been running at a Hastings pub for several years now as a fundraiser for the spectacular Hastings bonfire. The aim is to spronk your opponent's sprout, and if you get despronked don't despair, you can demand another sprout and play again. So if true conkering has fallen victim to health and safety fears in many places, this is some kind of a substitute. One in which you'll end up knee-deep in green leaves.  Click here to see our cottages in the Hastings area.

Meanwhile on Brighton beach, pieces of Lego have been turning up that probably fell off a container ship about 18 years ago. Pieces have been washing up around the coastline ever since the Tokio Express shed its load off Land's End, with Brighton being the furthest east around UK shores that they've definitely washed up. One of the Brighton 'finds' is a dragon (if the Lego of your childhood was a load of bricks, think again) so I guess it's a pretty well-travelled one. We thought of offering it in one of our seaside cottages to stay in, but while many of our lovely owners are happy to accommodate your dogs (click here for dog friendly cottages), we're not quite sure they'd appreciate a dragon.

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