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A natural phenomenon

Posted 30 August 2017 by Andrew Gardner

Did you see the amazing waterspout off Pagham in West Sussex last month? I only saw a photo of it on the BBC news website, credited to someone called Becca. Becca, if you're reading this, I hope they paid you for that photo.
So what is a waterspout? Well, I looked it up for you. Turns out it's really a tornado over the sea - a narrow, spinning column of air in fact - and is most likely to happen in showery weather.
Why? Well, there the explanation lost me slightly, especially as I'd had a Sussex ale or two beforehand. It talked about something reaching down from huge cumulonimbus clouds, creating funnel-shaped clouds as they develop, and when those reach the ground - or in this case the sea - you get a tornado or waterspout. So, I was left wondering, was it water or air? Please enlighten me if you can. I got a bit dizzy.
Glad I wasn't in a boat, though. I'll stick to walking the Downs humming 'Dear Old Sussex by the Sea' - yes, we have our own song here: how many counties can claim that? (Alright, answers on a postcard...). It goes something like, 'Dear Old Sussex by the sea, you can tell them all, because they know nothing at all, in dear old Sussex by the sea'. Actually not very flattering when you think about it, but a good marching tune.
And if you're a hiker or rambler arriving by coach, did you take part in the National Express poll of walkers in which the South Downs way came fourth out of all the UK's favourite walking routes? Only fourth?! Actually, when you consider what a stunning country the UK is, and all the fabulous walking routes available, it's pretty impressive. Come and see - base yourself at one of our cosy holiday cottages, where you can sleep in a comfy bed in between walks. Perfect!

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