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Best view of Sussex

Posted 7 June 2016 by Andrew Gardner

View of the South Coast from Space

Did you see the lovely photo Major Tim Peake posted of the South Coast from space? Wow. No wonder everyone wants to holiday in Sussex now.

Naturally all the local media picked it up and ran with it, and why not? According to the Bognor Regis Observer the image showed the area covering Chichester and Bognor on the coast with Midhurst and Petworth inland, but I chuckled to see the different publications from other places announcing it somewhat differently. Posting the photo on his own Twitter account, Major Peake simply labelled it 'A sunny UK South Coast - where I grew up (not that I ever really grew up!)' as he's a Chichester man. Either way it showed our gorgeous south coast swathed in sunshine and looking bright and inviting. Click here to browse our accommodation on the Sussex coast.  His space mission is due to end very soon after being extended by a couple of weeks, but I wonder what coming back to Earth really feels like, in every sense.

And then it inspired me to scroll through some of the other incredible shots he's posted of Earth from space, and they made me feel very small in a cosmic sense and very protective of our wonderful planet. The best we can do is be responsible human beings and, in the short term and because this is a blog about holidays, let's all try to  do responsible tourism: what is it they say? Take only photos, leave only footprints. And - Stop waxing lyrical, OK? Ed. Ahem, and buy the lovely local produce, of course!

Sussex always looks good in photographs, of course. There are websites and books devoted to it, but there's nothing like seeing the real thing. What I love is that Sussex has the best of just about everything - from the cosmopolitan vibe of Brighton, the culture of Chichester and the pure fun of Bognor on the coast to the rolling South Downs with their vistas, National Park and dark sky status or the wooded Weald landscapes dotted with historic houses and castles. I have no idea if you can see all the detail from space, but you certainly can if you take a holiday in Sussex - so click here and have a look at the accommodation on our website to find the perfect place to stay.

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