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Come Fly With Me

Posted 28 August 2017 by Jacqui Maxted

My husband’s home town is Brighton and is where currently both my sons live, since graduating from Sussex University, so we often visit the beautiful, bubbling, cosmopolitan city by the sea, on the Sussex Coast.
We watched with interest as the British Airways i360 took shape, from the barges arriving, to the slow and steady process of the building and had to admit, it was an amazing feat of engineering. We were due to visit and take our flight (how the attraction describes the experience) to the top last August but as with anything new, the visitor attraction suffered a few teething problems and so we had to delay. But at last we had our tickets and were due to take to the skies of Brighton.
Now the weather, British summertime hadn’t got the memo, to say clear skies and sunshine, so as the 2pm slot approached we were enjoying a summer shower. As we waited to board, the rain fizzled out and the sky tried to brighten.
We entered and I had a real, ‘Tardis moment, it really was bigger than it looked from the outside!’ And whether it’s because they try to keep the parties small or because others had been put off by the forecast, we had ample room to enjoy the 360 degree views. As the pod began to rise at a fairly steady pace we were given a brief talk about what we would see and where we could find out more after the flight. Once the flight reaches the top, it settles and stays there for a while and this for me was the time to wander around and try to spot landmarks that I know and just to enjoy the landscape that was there before me. At that moment the sun broke through and I have to say despite the mist out to sea, so we couldn’t see France, it was beautiful. It was so interesting to see how the city had expanded and to pinpoint the different eras architecture to the landmarks that we know well. The South Downs looking moody and the coastline stretching in both directions, even picking out the windmill at Rottingdean, wow! The sad ,skeletal remains of the old West Pier are directly in the sea below. The i360 has deliberately been placed in the exact spot where the entrance to the pier was, and the entry booths have been faithfully reproduced using the original metal castings.
Then the pod began to descend and before we knew it, we were back on the ground. After you disembark you get the chance to walk around a small exhibition that plots the building of the i360 from the start to the finish, with some very interesting facts and the usual gift shop walk through and a cafe if refreshments are required.
I can highly recommend it and if staying in one of our holiday cottages close by, whatever the weather, it is good to visit. I promise you won’t be disappointed and I can’t wait to go up again and I ‘m not a fan of heights. Another fantastic reason to visit or stay in Brighton, when holidaying in Sussex.
i360 by Antony Shepherd is is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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