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Dolphins, Laughter, Colours!

Posted 5 September 2017 by Andrew Gardner

People Laughing
My apologies: huge as Sussex is, I'm going to mention Brighton again. It's a little unfair when one area commands more attention than others simply by making more noise - yes, the Pet Shop Boys headlined Pride, though I doubt they register on the Richter scale as Madness apparently do - but then Brighton & Hove is a vibrant area.
This may be why a pod of bottlenose dolphins chose to visit last month, about 30 of them following and playing with jet-skiers at Brighton Marina. The sighting was noteworthy not only for the numbers: porpoises pop up now and then even here, but our waters are usually a little cool for bottlenoses. How lovely to see them here in Southeast England.
Thinking of Brighton's colourful nature leads me neatly into the Colour Run on 23 September (early-morning 6Music listeners might class that as an 'awesome segway'). Billed as 'the happiest 5k on the planet', the idea is you start the run (or jog, or walk, or whichever pace you choose) wearing white, and by the end you're in rainbow colours, possibly because you've entered the Cloud Foam Zone. I like the sound of that!
But if you're looking for an antidote to the real world - and who isn't? - I suggest booking your holiday cottage now for next year's Arundel Festival, just in case the laughter workshop comes back. It must be worth a gamble for such a brilliant event. I'd have tried it like a shot had I not been office-bound. The old 'in the interests of research' gambit didn't move the boss one iota. If any of you went along I'd love to know how you got on. Still chortling, I hope.
But that's for next year - for now, if you're on holiday in Sussex with us I wish you a wonderful time. And if you're not, why not take a peek at the late availability cottages on our website? Whether you're tempted by a cosmopolitan mini-break, a seaside refresher without the school-holiday crowds, or a week in the country, we can help. 

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