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Explore The Beauty Of The South Downs

Posted 28 February 2017 by Lauraine Jones

South Downs
We, of course, are familiar with the stunning beauty of Sussex but for those who are new to the South Downs National Park this film,  South Downs : England's Mountains Green, captures a stunning snapshot of this remarkable county which inspired William Blake to write Jerusalem. 
Peter Owen-Jones takes us on a personal journey into heart of the UK’s newest National Park. Opened in 2011, the South Downs is already the most visited National Park in the UK . From the iconic Seven Sisters cliffs to Winchester Cathedral, he experiences an extraordinary year exploring the park’s stunning landscapes, rich history, wildlife and people, looking at its history and explaining why man’s influence makes the landscape so special.
As he journeys through the seasons Owen-Jones reveals more of the South Downs natural treasures; a 2,000 year-old woodland that explodes with pollen, rare heathland that is home to every one of the UK’s reptiles and amphibians, and a wood that has more kinds of bats living in it than anywhere else in the UK.
Our newest national park it may be, but its heart and soul are as old as the hills that are the reason for its existence in the first place. These were created by the same geological cataclysm that forced up the Alps 40 million years ago. That titanic collision exposed a shallow seabed of fine white sediment and created the chalk downlands that we know and love today as the South Downs. 
This series of chalk escarpments rises over the fields, woods, villages and ancient churches of southern England. Combining a walk along the crest of the Downs with a drink at a favourite pub is one of the great joys of South Downs life. So, with over 170 cottages in the Sussex region, why not book your South Downs cottage  and take the opportunity to discover just what everyone is talking about! 

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