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Horsham Fake Festival

Posted 16 May 2017 by Andrew Gardner

Festival fever is upon us, and while East Sussex is the king of cool, West Sussex can still hold its own.
The historic market town of Horsham will host its second Fake Festival on 3rd June. Call it tribute bands, or covers bands, whatever you like - it's still festival atmosphere. I was in two minds about this last year but was soon convinced.
Horsham Fake Festival is headlined by Coldplace, The Fillers and Kings of Lyon - performing Coldplay, Killers and Kings of Leon sets. They're all professional-grade touring tribute acts and will put on a fabulous show, and since I've not seen the originals live I won't know the difference. It'll just be a lot of fun and a great day out.
Everyone loves covers bands at parties and weddings, don't they? How we all loved the kitsch and glam Abba tribute shows (er, at least when they were a novelty). A good laugh is all very well but there's nothing like seeing your favourite bands performing live, is there? Copies are only palatable after a few drinks - aren't they?
Thing is, so many of my favourite artistes are no longer with us. I'll never again see Bowie, Prince, George Michael or Joe Strummer - but you just can't beat live music. Would I rather huddle into headphones with a recording or go see a really good tribute act and get the excitement of their music performed live, or even, as The Blockheads and Queen have done, with a different singer? (I'm still sore at missing the Blocks when they played a pub in Partridge Green. Gnash.)
Time was I'd have had this same angst-ridden debate about bands that reform in middle age - but having been an ardent Cure fan since the Crawley lads started I've happily sat through their recent sets, albeit on the red button. 
So make sure you've booked your West Sussex holiday cottage and I'll see you at Horsham Fake Festival. Let's have fun. Who cares about cool?!

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