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Responsible holiday lettings

Posted 27 September 2016 by Lauren Shoosmith

Amberley House Cottage Holidays, West Sussex

When searching for holiday accommodation it can be mind boggling choosing which company to use.  Internet searches can bring up a whole variety of agencies, some of which are household names and others which are less well known.  Stories in the media about holiday homes being completely misrepresented, or worse still, non-existent is very worrying and can cause us to question who to trust.

We would like to help put your mind at rest.  All of the properties we list have been visited in person by someone in our office, and the photos are all taken by ourselves.  We try to be as informative as we can when writing descriptions for our website, and any extra questions you have can generally be answered if you call us.  We also ensure that our holiday homeowners have the relevant holiday let insurance and applicable gas safety certificates – something you may not necessarily think about, but is extremely important.

We know how frustrating it can be if you need to speak to someone regarding your holiday and you can’t find a telephone number (ours is 01798 877336), or you are stuck on call waiting – you won’t get that with us.  You won’t have to sift through minutes of “if you want to speak to someone please press 1...” – we are real people and we answer the phone!  Obviously at busy times you may need to leave us a voicemail, but we will call you back – we promise!  We also answer emails in good time (click here to be taken to our enquiry form) – in fact we take pride in great customer service.  Some of our competitors don’t provide telephone numbers at all, and it can take an age to find a relevant email address.  I genuinely don’t know why some companies make it so difficult to help with queries.  As part of our good service, we carefully check online bookings that come through and if we feel you may have booked somewhere not quite right for your needs, we will call you to discuss.  We want you to have a happy holiday.

With so much choice of booking agencies these days, we do urge you to double check if you feel any suspicion about if the property actually exists.  Don’t feel afraid to ask – if the company is responsible and legitimate then they will be happy to answer you.