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Sing a song of Sussex

Posted 26 April 2016 by Andrew Gardner

Chaffinch in Sussex

Here's a fabulous description of the dawn chorus, by Michael Blencowe of the Sussex Wildlife Trust, which I'd like to share with you - I hope the SWT and the Horsham newspaper that printed it don't mind, but I thought this was just lovely.

'Local duo robin and blackbird open the show with their laid-back, soulful crooning. Then that little bird with the big attitude, the wren, cranks it up with his rockin', rollin' rattle. The symphony builds as the sun rises. We're joined by a supergroup, CSD&G (chaffinch, song thrush, dunnock and great tit). It's an amazing, uplifting performance...'

On holiday in the Sussex countryside in spring time you're ideally placed to hear this fabulous symphony. A cottage with eaves may well be home to nesting birds, too, with large groups of chicks demanding breakfast as the day gets underway. Nesting boxes will be home to families of blue tits and starlings will be swirling around the higher trees. Blackbird song always brings to my mind the opening bars of The Entertainer and it wouldn't be such a surprise if Scott Joplin had heard it that way too; blackbirds are certainly good at mimicking other trills, such as car alarms. Every composer has to find their inspiration somewhere, after all...

Now that the mornings are lovely and light, why not open the window - even just a little - and listen to the dawn chorus? It doesn't matter one jot if you go back to sleep afterwards; after all, you are on holiday. Never mind festivals and mud, on a Sussex self-catering holiday (click here to view our accommodation) you get to snuggle in a warm duvet while enjoying one of the best gigs nature has to offer - what's not to love?!

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