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Sussex, a fab location

Posted 15 June 2017 by Andrew Gardner

Why holiday in Sussex? Do you choose a UK holiday because of the exchange rate - which is good right now - or because of what this island, or more accurately this series of many islands, has to offer? The sterling rate does of course influence many of you, but I believe your decisions are largely based on what this country, and in particular this county, has to offer. And that surely applies to 'staycationers' too.
Let me take this opportunity to remind you, if you're thinking of booking a UK holiday, that Sussex is great value for money; but when you arrive you'll soon find it's far more than that. People seem a little surprised that England is still here, that all the talk of Brexit hasn't made Britain disappear from the map. No one said, 'Stop the turtle, we want to get off!' unless they'd been reading too much Terry Pratchett (is there such as thing as too much Terry Pratchett?). 
Sussex is a prime holiday and short-break destination because it's beautiful, and diverse, and has so much fabulous scenery, culture and history, and so many ways to enjoy it all. Whether you love the indoors or the outdoors, coast or countryside, culture or nature, or a mix of everything, you'll find it right here - and whether you seek a seaside apartment, a cosy cottage, a house for a large group or anything in between, we can help.
Of course we like to be a little contrary too, as demonstrated by this year's school calendar - if the dates of school terms are a factor when you book your vacation, be aware that West Sussex has stepped cheerfully out of line to be one week behind pretty much everywhere else in the country, including East Sussex. 
Sussex has a diverse and year-round appeal that guarantees something for every visitor at any time of year. My guess is that once you've delved a little way under its skin you'll want to return and get to know it better. I hope so, and please be assured of a warm welcome from us.

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