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Sussex's Blue Flag beaches

Posted 11 July 2016 by Andrew Gardner google authorship button

Beach at West Wittering, West Sussex

The best Sussex beach awards for 2016 have gone to Brighton Central, Hove Lawns, Marina St Leonards and West Wittering. The Blue Flag awards are given to beaches that offer the highest water quality but that's not all - they also take into account facilities, accessibility, safety and services, and environmental concerns, including education. In other words, they're ideal for family holidays. So if you're bringing the kids and granny to Sussex this summer these beaches will be terrific places for you - and we have plenty of gorgeous self catering seaside cottages and coastal apartments for you to choose from - click here to see our selection. I'm sorry we can't guarantee the weather as well, but we can keep our fingers (toes and eyes) crossed and do a regular sun dance for you!

While the Blue Flags are very much geared to beaches that make great holiday resorts, the concurrent Seaside Awards are more about quality and diversity of the British coastline. Four Sussex beaches this year gained Seaside Awards - Marina St Leonards again, along with Bognor Regis East, Pelham and Saltdean. They recognise beaches or stretches of coastline that are clean, safe, attractive and well managed and help their managers (oh dear, somehow the thought of beaches having managers is rather sad, but still...) develop a longer-term plan to make them even better. Which is great news for your next beach holiday in Sussex.

Earlier this year a National Trust survey found something like 3,400 species of wildlife along Britain's coastline, including several rare species and more than 40 species of mammal. I'm not promising you'll find them all in Sussex, but the fun lies in the looking, especially if you have children to entertain. Sussex is famous for its long, sweeping beaches where exploring the sand at low tide is a brilliant holiday activity; we have grassy clifftops where nature and wildlife thrive as well as coastal nature reserves such as Rye Harbour and Chichester Harbour.