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To the Tower!

Posted 19 August 2016 by Andrew Gardner google authorship button

Brighton i360 tower, East Sussex
Brighton and Hove's i360 tower is now open - have you booked your tickets? I'm really excited about it - the views are spectacular and if the atmosphere can match the London Eye (by the same developers) it's always going to be amazing. Don't worry about whether you have a head for heights - the capsule is vast and moves so slowly you'll hardly notice it. But if in doubt, the trick is to look outwards to the horizon rather than down to the ground, and I bet you'll be so engrossed in the panoramic views you won't even think about it. The sunset ride will make a fabulous romantic retreat, too.
It was good to see both i360 and Hastings Pier given a thumbs-up by The Observer's architecture critic, too. In the end it's one person's opinion, but it was a nice public acknowledgement of two great Sussex regeneration projects. What I particularly love about i360 is that it's essentially a new take on a traditional idea - situated right by the much-loved old West Pier, instead of going out into the sea it goes up into the sky.
Talking of the West Pier, fragments of some of its original cast-iron features were sold off last month to raise money for the West Pier Trust's heritage and education fund. What a wonderful thing to have in your garden! I used to work near one of those fabulous architectural salvage yards and often spent my lunchbreak rummaging around it - it was a bit like going to Narnia. You could get lost in pieces of social history and imagine the stories behind the artefacts and pieces of a historic pier, especially one I knew well, are just the sort of things I'd have loved to find there.
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